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Professional Energy Consultancy Services for Your Commercial Property.

Complete EPC – Commercial EPC Assessors For Your Property.

What Makes Us Leaders?

Whether you’re selling, buying, leasing, or renting out a property, keep in mind that an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), including Commercial EPC for commercial properties, is a legal requirement. Covering the entirety of London, we guarantee you the lowest and most matchless prices in the market. Complete EPC evaluates how energy efficient your property is. Our modern-day practices and innovative equipment are topped with our assessors’ experience, knowledge, and expertise in both residential and commercial EPC assessments.

Thus, we are a leader in providing our customers with the most precise and completely qualified yet economical energy performance certificates (EPC) for both your commercial and domestic properties.

Why Choose Us?

Complete EPC assessors are adequately certified and hold insurance and disclosure checks. An EPC helps to reveal how much it will cost to heat and power property. Along with that, it includes recommendations of energy-efficient improvements, the cost of carrying them out, and the potential savings in pounds and pence that each would generate.Energy assessor

With Complete EPC, you are fully covered. We are proud of our exceptional professionalism and trusted service. Our competitive service is equally effective for estate agents, solicitors, landlords, and tenants.

The Commercial EPC is provided exclusively by qualified non-domestic assessors who are certified. We are a commercial EPC provider.

How important is a Commercial EPC?

An EPC is crucial if you wish to attract potential buyers. It helps inform people how energy efficient your property is.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (CPEC) has become a must for commercial premises.

Potential buyers and tenants are authorized to have an equal overview of how energy-efficient the building is, its energy use, and energy bills.

The EPC will tell sellers and landlords where there’s room for energy improvement as their properties are concerned.

A commercial EPC certificate is valid for around ten years, a compulsory qualification, and a beneficial means.

How long does a Commercial EPC assessment take?

A commercial evaluation depends upon the dimension and intricacy of the project.  Complete EPC aims to achieve a turnaround of between 2-3 working days. This goes from preparation to the Commercial Energy Performance Certificate generation. 

At Complete EPC, we understand that at some point, the primary production of the CEPC and the certificate must be ready on time. We attempt to ensure the certificate is produced within the client’s asked for timescale in such circumstances. 

Note: This certificate is valid for ten years or until changes occur.

Why is a Commercial EPC beneficial?

All private properties in England, Wales are legally required to have energy performance certificates (EPC).

Energy improvement measures can have significant savings, and they can stop energy costs from growing. It is why the EPC is necessary for commercial buildings.

Compare buildings’ energy efficiency and make their decisions after seeing the EPC.

Thanks to the Commercial EPC, the commercial property sector can now benefit from a noticeable, quantifiable, and necessary energy performance certificate and valid comparison of energy efficiency of several commercial properties.

These factors will lead to a change in those who wish to invest in commercial properties due to utility costs that service those buildings.

At Complete EPC, we employ our own assessors, who each hold all the required qualifications, experience, and accreditation. This also includes Insurance and Disclosure checks, to enable them to produce Commercial EPC’s.


1 April 2018 – Unlawful to grant new leases of commercial property with an EPC rating of below E (the minimum standard)

1 April 2023 – Unlawful to “continue to let” commercial property with an EPC rating of below E (the minimum standard)

1 April 2025 – Requirement to register a valid EPC for let, commercial property (anticipated – TBC)

1 April 2027 – The minimum standard raised to EPC rating C (anticipated – TBC)

1 April 2028 – Further requirement to register a valid EPC for let, commercial property (anticipated – TBC)

1 April 2030 – The minimum standard raised to EPC rating B (anticipated – TBC)

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