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EPC Check: Your Key to Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Your all-in-one solution for both commercial and domestic properties!

The Significance of an EPC Check

An Energy Performing Certificate (EPC) check is a core evaluation approach when assessing a property’s environmental impact and energy efficiency. At Complete EPC, we have certified and competent assessors who evaluate various aspects of your domestic or commercial properties to define their overall energy performance.

Our EPC Check Process

Our expert energy assessors start by visiting your property and gathering all significant information about its energy usage and construction characteristics.

There are a few factors that Complete EPC takes into account while assessing that include:
– Heating Systems: Our experts gauge the category and productivity of the heating systems installed in the property.
– Windows And Doors: An in-depth assessment of the energy efficiency of doors and windows is done. These include all types, even double gazing.
– Insulation: It is important to understand the coverage and quality of insulation done on a property’s roof, walls, and floors.
– Renewable Energy Sources: We must be informed about any renewable energy resources on the property, including wind turbines or solar panels.
– Lighting: We require the energy efficiency of lighting fixtures and bulbs.

How an EPC Check Benefits You

– Low Carbon Footprint: An improved EPC rating states your property is low on carbon emissions, positively contributing to the environment.
– Higher Property Value: The market value of your property will increase with a higher EPC rating making it a fruitful and attractive opportunity for potential tenants or buyers.
– Reduction In Utility Bills: You can drastically reduce your property’s energy consumption by instigating the suggested energy-efficient upgrades.
– Legal Conformity: When renting out or selling your property in the UK (England, Wales) are legally required to provide an EPC. Property owners complying with this can expect a smooth property transaction.

Commercial & Domestic EPC Check.

Energy efficiency initiatives can result in considerable savings and help prevent energy bills from rising. It is why an EPC is required for commercial properties.
Our specialists have received special education and years of experience in the energy performance of buildings. As a result, Complete EPC is a market leader in offering our customers the most exact and fully accredited but cost-effective Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for residential and commercial premises.

Why Choose Us?

– Our team comprises extensive experience and knowledge in conducting EPC checks for domestic and commercial properties.
– We offer exceptional service and deliver EPC reports that align with the individual characteristics of your property promptly.
– We believe in transparent pricing for our services.

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