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EPC F.A.Q EPC Frequently Asked Questions 


Advice & Tips

Policies of Insurance

Terms & Conditions – GDPR – Privacy Policy 

Listed Buildings Guidance For EPC

Water Calc

H.M.O Multiple Occupation

Site Map

Penalties for Noncompliance


EPC Check

EPC Rating

PAT or Portable Appliance Testing

Electrical Installation Condition Report — EICR




A site map is a crucial component of a website as it provides a hierarchical overview of the site’s structure and content. It serves as a visual representation that helps users navigate through the website efficiently and find the information they need. By organizing the various pages and sections of a website into a logical structure, the site map enhances usability and user experience. Additionally, search engines also utilize site maps to crawl and index web pages effectively, thereby improving the website’s visibility and search engine rankings. In summary, the site map plays a vital role in facilitating easy navigation, enhancing user experience, and optimizing search engine performance for a website.

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