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TM44 Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems​For Your Property​

Complete EPC – TM44 Air Con Assessors For Your Building

The EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive), all air-conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW must be inspected every 5 years.

Building owners and managers who operate air-conditioning systems that fall within this scope have a legal obligation, under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), to ensure that their buildings are inspected by qualified and certified air-conditioning inspectors (ACIs).

 In accordance with the requirements of BS EN 15240 and the CIBSE TM44 reporting methodology, Complete EPC carries out an extensive survey of each air-conditioning system and produces a comprehensive advisory report, which is issued by building owners and lodged on the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate register.

ACI Report contains:

  • Detailed inspection notes and an assessment of the overall performance of the air-conditioning system
  • Calculations to assess whether the system is adequately sized or oversized for purpose
  • Recommendations for building owners which, if implemented, improves the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the system, resulting in reduced operating costs
  • Alternative solutions for air-conditioning strategy, maintenance regimes and technologies.

What level?

Complete EPC can provide assessment for both level 3 and 4 systems. Level 3 assessments will cover all unitary, simple and multi split packaged and simple VRF/VRV air conditioning plants, equipment and systems.

Level 4 assessments cover large centralised air conditioning plants, equipment and systems. Our Level 4 assessors are also accredited to inspect and report on packaged air conditioning systems.

We will assist you to meet your legal obligations and reduce your building running costs with a responsive service available across the UK.

Why must businesses have their Air Conditioning systems inspected?

Businesses contribute to almost 50% of the UK’s energy consumption, of this 50% it is widely accepted Air Conditioning systems are responsible for 30% of the energy businesses use.

Under the government’s commitment to achieve their energy reduction targets of 80% by 2050 all business and homes will need to adopt strategies for continual energy reduction programs.

As Air Conditioning is such a large proportion of a business’s energy consumption the government introduced mandatory inspections in April 2012 across the UK as one approach to help meet the 2050 targets.

How can I tell if I need to have an AC Inspection?

Most sites with Air conditioning systems installed will need to be inspected, the official requirement is for a facility with a combined air conditioning energy output of 12kW or greater.

Just check a few of your units, look at the kW output of each system and if collectively they add up to be 12kW or above it is a mandatory requirement to commission an Air Conditioning TM44 Inspection for each site this applies to.  In practice most high street stores, office blocks, coffee shops, hotels, hospitals restaurants all need to be inspected.

What systems will be inspected by an assessor?

The air conditioning energy inspector will be required to inspect a sample of the air conditioning systems on-site; for split systems this will be 10% or a minimum of 3 systems. Although other factors including the presence of differing makes and types of systems will increase this percentage.

For larger complex systems, including plant such as chillers, AHUs, Versatemp or Fan Coil Units, 100% of the chiller & AHU plant must be inspected, (AHUs can be sampled after the first  10).

A number of linked internal systems will also require sampling, however an assessor need access to all internal areas as all areas are required to be measured so as sizing calculations can be performed.

Please; sampling is referring to testing the operation of the system and entering the sampled system into the mandatory report.

Penalties for non-compliance.

Building owners and facilities managers have a statutory obligation and duty of care in the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems and are responsible for commissioning a TM44 inspection and report. If your air conditioning unit is not inspected every 5 years, you may be fined £300.

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