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Complete EPC – Qualified SBEM Assessors For Your Property​

Complete EPC – SBEM Calculation Assessors For Your Property.

Your one-stop solution for SBEM calculations on all new properties.

What is SBEM?

For all non-residential properties in the UK, Simplified Building Energy Modelling helps to identify how energy-efficient buildings are. SBEM Calculations for New Commercial Buildings, Extensions and Conversions.Building control and project managers must show prospective owners what they can expect from potential energy use.

Working in line with BER/TER, or carbon emissions targets, this assessment will ensure that a building is compliant and safe to use.  If you are in charge of a commercial building project for non-residential purposes whether it be a new build, conversion or extension, it is time to arrange a SBEM Calculation.

Complete EPC works in line with both the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and National Calculation Methodology (NCM) to ensure that all readings are above board.

When is an SBEM Calculation required?

Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations are required for all newly built commercial & industrial structures.

You will need them in order to satisfy building regulations, without an SBEM assessment you won’t be allowed to begin work on your site.

As time goes on standards for energy efficiency are becoming higher and so it is vital that your new building is well insulated and has the most efficient heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

Design Stage – Building Control require a Design Stage SBEM Calculation to be submitted with your Building Regulations Application. Without the SBEM Calculation, Building Control will not allow the project to start on site.

As-built Stage – Building Control require an As-built Stage SBEM Calculation and EPC when the building is completed. Without this info it is unlikely that the building will achieve Final Building Control approval.

Alongside SBEM it is also possible to undertake DSM (Dynamic Simulation Modelling) on new commercial buildings. DSM offers greater flexibility and more accuracy and is normally used for larger more complex buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplified Building Energy Modelling (SBEM) is the approved national calculation methodology used to calculate the energy efficiency of commercial properties. SBEM calculates the monthly energy use and carbon emissions of a building based on its size, orientation, geometry, construction and systems.
Simplified Building Energy Model – SBEM is used to demonstrate the energy performance of new and existing non-domestic buildings. SBEM stands for ‘Simplified Building Energy Model’. It is a government approved methodology that calculates the energy required to heat, cool, ventilate and light a non-dwelling.
A BRUKL report is a Building Regulation UK Part L report. It specifies the energy and fuel conservation effort. Buildings are measured for their emissions and it will assist with the building process. Builders are continually using these reports to ensure that their buildings adhere to the regulations.
Building regulations currently stipulate that for a new building, the elements must have maximum U-values as follows: Wall – 0.3 W/m2k. Roof – 0.15 W/m2k. Windows – 1.6 W/m2k.
What is the minimum U-Value and Window Energy Rating for Windows? All new or replacement aluminium, PVC or timber windows require a minimum C Window Energy Rating or a U-Value of 1.6Wm2K or less. Glass units today differ substantially from early generation double glazing.
Approval Plans. Plans sent by the joist manufacturer to the buyer, engineer, architect, contractor or other person for approval. The plans may include a framing plan, elevations, sections, and a material list.
Site plans are meant to detail the areas of a plot of land beyond the boundaries of a building. On the other hand, a floor plan details the elements of a building up to the outer edge of the structure.

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