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Complete EPC – Qualified SAP Assessors For Your Property​

Complete EPC – SAP Calculation Assessors For Your Property.

Your one-stop solution for SAP calculations on all new properties.

New Build L1A, Conversion & Overglazed Extension L1B

What Makes Us Leaders?

Covering the entirety of England, we guarantee you the most matchless and economical prices in the market. Complete EPC evaluates how energy efficient your property actually is. Complete EPC’s modern-day practices and innovative equipment are topped with our assessors’ experience, extensive knowledge, and expertise.House interior

EPC is a legal requirement – Whether you’re selling, buying, leasing, or renting out a property. Along with that, SAP calculations have now become a building regulations prerequisite for all new housing growths. The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is a gauge of all the energy productivity of a property. Along with that, it is the calculation from which an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is made.

Thus, we are a leader in providing our customers with the most precise and completely qualified yet economical energy performance certificates (EPC) for both your commercial and domestic properties.

Why Choose Us?

Complete EPC is a qualified SAP assessor. We offer a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) at the design stage, which can then be presented right to the building control. Building control requires an As-built stage Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation and EPC when the building is completed. Upon completion, our team can update the computations with all the required alterations and provide you with the as-built stage Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) compliance report.

With Complete EPC, you are fully covered. We are proud of our exceptional professionalism and trusted service. Our competitive service is equally effective for estate agents, solicitors, landlords, and tenants. 

Overglazed Extension (DFLEX)

House with modern conservatory

SAP Calculations are required for the following building types:

  1. Newly built properties.
  2. Conversion of a single dwelling into flats or apartments.
  3. Extension of properties.
  4. Conservatories – these are highly glazed extensions with a 25% glazing-to-floor ratio.
  5. Commercial to domestic conversions.
  6. Barn conversion.

Need Your U Value?

An integral part of the SAP calculations is your U values. We can help calculate your U values if you give us a complete description of the current amount.

SAP Calculation Procedure

Sap Calculation report

Design Stage – Along with the Building Regulations Application, a Design Stage SAP calculation must be submitted to the building control.

  • We review your plans and requirement and make recommendations accordingly.
  • We are your guide to attaining a pass.
  • Complete EPC guarantees a pass based on our direction.
  • We offer SAP design and compliance advice.
  • We provide Design stage SAP calculations.
  • Projected energy certificate.
  • We can help calculate your U-value.
  • We supply all documents well before your time limit.
  • Built Stage – As soon as the construction of the property is finished and the details have been finalized, Complete EPC assessors finalize the SAP calculations and create the Energy Performance Certificate. The EPC shows the grade of energy performance keeping in mind the house it has been built on.
  • The EPC must legally be shown on a new residence for sale on the open market.
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